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No Sleep Tonight: The Lucid Nightmares of a Dream Journal

“Inside: A Journal of Dreams” by Andy Campbell and Judi Alston provides a chilling glimpse into the nature of madness, the implications of our dreams, and the ways in which reality is perceived. In short: it has the power to convince you that you’ve gone mad. A work of digital fiction from the dreamingmethods.com web series, “Inside: A Journal of Dreams” is an interactive, immersive experience that finds readers dissecting an increasingly disturbing dream diary.

Let’s go for a Joyride

Joyride by Andy andCampbell and  is apart of the Dreaming Method series. The first opening images are a series of photo shots showing what appears to have been a car accident. Which is a total contradiction to the title, Joyride. Unless of course the car ride was a joyful one before the accident. There is a great use of images and sound in…

Clearance: An Exercise in Paranoia

In most of the video games I’ve played, I can trust the player character.  The same goes for the books I’ve read, or the movies that I’ve watched.  When the character mentions that someone is suspicious, I know I’m meeting a future villain.  If they note the handsome or beautiful appearance of a person, I’m certain that person will be…