Detectiveland – The life of a private eye

This game is called Detectiveland, in it, you are the private investigator, Lanson Rose, it is your job to help solve the different cases. You talked to various suspects and different clients with issues. You do so by selecting the different options given to you on the right side. It is an interactive story, so it is keyboardless unlike a number of the other games we played throughout the year. You ask the different people you talk to specific questions to help get to the bottom of things and you are given different actions on movement and grabbing ahold of various objects. These games require a lot less work than the keyboard interactive stories, but are just as fun and a lot less confusing for many. You start out the game talking to Mrs. Macdonald, Wexler or Marcus Distain, than you go from there to talk to other characters and try and get to the bottom of the issues. You end up in a lot of strange places throughout the game, as it can be pretty extensive. The big mystery’s include solving the case of the city’s liquor supply, must find a missing food scientist and solve the case in the mansion. 

The game was created by Robert Johnson. Not only does he create interactive games like this one, he is always a musician and a playwright. He was the winner of the 2016 IfComp. He’s created a number of interactive games, numerous were very succesful and garnished numerous awards. 

Games like these really keep individuals in tune and focused because they don’t know what can come next. Its an interactive story game similar to numerous video games like L.A Noir and others related to that. This game is fun for all ages and even offers the notion to have and earn money for your various services. Detectiveland

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