Ask Me for the Moon

 Ask Me for the Moon was created in 2005, by an English professor at the University of Hawaii named John David Zuern. This project is digital poem created in Adobe Flash using juxtaposed images, words, and sounds. All the things I just stated help to create the feeling of the labor behind the scenes at a Hawaii resort. The text of the piece plays over the faded gray landscape of the island, while the moving pictures depict fragments of labor moving through like waves along the shore. I really enjoyed the way the words would fade and come on the page, however, the simplicity of the whole thing drew me in the most. The whole poem was about taking a walk on the beach, so basically it is a visual interpretation. This poem is not a traditional poem because it doesn’t follow the normal structure of poetry. Also, it doesn’t follow the normal rhyme and patterns either. Personally, I really enjoyed this piece of work and I find myself reading it in my free time. 


Like I stated before, John David Zuern is an English professor at the University of Hawaii. According to John David Zuren, Ask Me for the Moon started out as an experiment to see how the animation, hyperlinking, and scripting capacities of Flash might facilitate a hybrid variety of poetry-as-scholarship. The main reason he created this project was to to present his experiences in Waikiki. John David Zuren also publishes on electronic literature and life writing, and in 2015 he and Laurie McNeill co-edited “Online Lives 2.0.”

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