You’ll never believe what they sent you!

Love reading outrageous stories? Yarn is a chat fiction application created by Science Mobile, LLC. This interactive fiction app allows you to read dramatic stories that build suspense and occasionally have cliff hanger endings. The hanger allows you to imagine countless endings.

There are multiple highly addicting stories that range for funny to horror.

Each story simulates a conversation via iMessage when a person is typing you are presented with three dots indicating a person is writing. As you read the story you must tap to reveal the next text message. As you continue reading you are presented with notifications of sound effects as well as optional images to contribute to story.



Personally I greatly enjoy reading each story and tapping to see what happened next in each episode. I believe that this idea is clever because the reader can manipulate the speed of the story by tapping to retrieve each text. I found my self tapping faster for the horror stories making each message seem more urgent while on other stories such as the Punny Hunger Games I found myself tapping slower and really enjoying the puns.

Although it is somewhat interactive , no matter where you click you are not presented with alternative option. The reader has zero influence on the outcome and is extremely linear unlike some hypertext and interactive fiction games. 

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