Life Is Strange…*Spoilers*

Life is Strange is an interactive storytelling game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It revolves around the life of the main character, Max Caulfield, who is a photography student. But, the twist is that she isn’t just a photography student, she can also rewind time at will! The ability first takes root when Max is in the girls bathroom, she’s hiding behind a stall door while two other students are fighting. She sees that one of the students has a gun and then Boom!  the gun goes off and one of the students dies. After seeing this, Max rewinds time to before the incident takes place. This is the start of the game and also, in a way, the end of the game. You spend the rest of the game walking around and making constant choices that affect the storyline (The Butterfly Effect). But, like all interactive storytelling games, the ending is always going to be generally the same. 

It turns out that the girl you saved at the very beginning of the game is actually one of your long lost childhood friends, Chloe Price. After saving her, you spend the game rekindling your friendship with her. After playing the game with your friend by your side, the game gives you two options to end the game. You can either destroy the town and save Chloe’s life, or let Chloe die and save the town. 

What I like about interactive storytelling games such as this is that they test the morality of the player rather than their individual skill at the game. Every choice made is a moral dilemma and makes the game fun to play, even though all you really do is walk your way through the campaign. Overall, this game is worth playing and is a great example of this particular genre.  

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