Generating Generators

With the endless amount of programs available today for users to create and work with, there has become another form of coding that is useful to those looking for an easy answer: generators. Not the kind that power our homes, but rather the kind that power our creative minds. Many kinds of generators allow users to do something simple without much work. The topics they come in can range from names, short story prompts, and what to make for dinner. However there are also other kinds of generators for those who need a gif or meme made without having to know advanced Photoshop or editing skills.

One example of this is the Stranger Things logo. There is a generator at Make it Stranger that allows users to simply type in a few words or a short phrase and have it strange-ified. This website makes it easy for users because the font type of the logo is hard to find and harder to edit with limited editing skills.

There are also similar generators that help the user to create memes or gifs. Meme Maker and Giphy are just some examples of the many websites that allow the user to customize and create their own meme or gif without downloading any software. Although the creators are restricted to whatever editing options the websites provide, it is still handy and accessible for those who want to create something quickly.

Some of these generators do take time to figure out. However, they were made with newbie editors in mind. Perhaps once the user understands more, they can grow to make their own memes and gifs with their own special touch!

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