The Last One

For my final article, I decided to play a game that combines poetry and poker. Marko Niemi Created the game what he has called Stud Poetry. Stud Poetry is like any other Poker game that basically has the same rules. In the beginning, you create a game on who you want to be. Like I said early, the games are simple. You play with five other computer players. The names that are associated with the accounts are French poets. I did not know this if the top of my head, but I realize Niemi would just use some generated names. You start off with hundred dollars and are given two cards. Like any other poker game and you can decide to fold, raise, bet, or call.

Some of the words that you will see on the cards are sing, other, observe, glance, pillar, nature, temple, etc. When you start to play for a while you notice that the words start to repeat. MY first game, I thought the goal was to see who can come up with the best poem and your hand. I then thought that it couldn’t be possible to tell who has the best and a how an algorithm would be able to tell.

My experience with the game has been decent. It did not sink in at first on how the card was used. Basically, all you have do is try to get a pair with the same card in your hand. With the couple of games that I played, and lost, if you don’t have a pair, in the beginning, you will lose.

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