In the panoramic interactive drama, What We Will by John Clayley, the audience gets to navigate through panoramas by clicking and moving the mouse around. The creative work allows users to experience live-recorded soundscapes with layers of dramatic art elements. By exploring human figures, you get to learn more about their memories and secrets from the past. first scene of What We Will at Waterloo Station.

When first starting this game, I was greeted by a scary “whisper” from the voice of a woman. I was brought to Waterloo Station where Helen was being filmed. Helen has lived in Paris for several years. She seemed to be the only one looking at the camera. At first, I was really lost and didn’t know what to do after looking around the panorama for so long. I eventually clicked on the roman numerals on a clock, located at the top of the screen, and the creative work finally brought me to another “story.” second scene of What We Will

I was brought to this second scene and noticed this man was also being filmed. As I looked around the panorama, it looked as if her were off in a scurry. He looked like he had somewhere to be. After clicking on several roman numerals, I had been following this character to observe what he does in his daily life. There was a time where the screen turned black and there were two floating heads, switching back and forth between each other which really freaked me out.

Overall, I think this piece was unique because the pictures are real panoramic pictures of people and different scenes, not just animated photos. At first, the game was confusing to navigate through, but once I figured out what icons to click on, it became easier to realize what was going on. I think this is a neat way to observe what goes on in the 24-hour cycle of these characters’ day. It seems as if they had conformed to the social structure of working on a daily basis to survive. The solemn tone set the mood of the entire creative work.


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