It’s like National Treasure if the founding fathers had iPads

The work I analyzed was a video introducing a new platform of electronic literature that is unique to the iPad. the work, entitled “Collocations ” by Abraham Avnisan, is “a work of digital poetry for the iPad that responds to a reader’s position and orientation.”

The video showed a woman holding an iPad and on the right side of the screen, showed what the woman was seeing on the iPad as she moved around. The video is here

What I found was that a passage of an essay or novel that was shown on the iPad would reveal a hidden poem of words scattered throughout the passage by fading away most words and bolding the words that would form a poem. It reminded me of treasure hunt movies in which the moving of a map would reveal hidden messages or clues.

The most significant application of the platform I can think of would be including a hidden poem that reinforces the message of the passage, or perhaps a poem that may contradict or provide a twist on the original passage. The hidden poem may also provide more context or backstory, depending on the form of literature. If it is a passage of a novel, perhaps the hidden poem can foreshadow a future event or provide explanation for an event in that passage.

I found this form of electronic literature fascinating and the applications of it to be quite large. It will be interesting to see if this spreads any further or becomes available on platforms other than the iPad. 

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