Even Captain Jumbo Can’t Save You

At first glance, Captain Jumbo seems to be a bright, sunny, and sweet game where you explore the world through the eyes of a toddler. Pretty early in the game you start realizing it is quite the opposite and it turns your world upside down. It is a brutal but important story to tell and it takes you in a direction you never saw coming.

Disclaimer: this game contains violence, drugs and assault of various forms.

Text below may contain some SPOILERS.

The game is written for quest 5.3 and is told through the eyes of a toddler. The game begins in your playpen. You (the toddler) must solve small puzzles to get where you want to go. Certain things are off limits and you can’t open doors because… well you’re a toddler and you can’t reach.



Your goal is to find your Captain Jumbo figure, which you think you left in Mommy’s room. Violence and assault is described through the eyes of an innocent child who thinks it’s “normal” that daddy is passed out on the floor or is dragging mommy into the bedroom. It must all be good and fun. The longer the game went on I was increasingly horrified and when it was nearing the end I was stunned and heartbroken.

Some drawbacks to the game itself is the single-item inventory that makes you have to drop things to pick another thing up, then circle back to pick up the thing you dropped and so on. It was frustrating at times, and so were some of the puzzles. I’ll admit I had to check the comments for a walkthrough to get past one of the puzzles because I was completely stuck. Also, I didn’t particularly like the constant changing of background and text color, it was a little distracting but it does bring a certain childlike atmosphere to the game.

Overall, I think this game could use a little work to make it more straightforward and less frustrating, but the story in itself is outstanding.


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