The Dome of Words

I began to explore different sites to try and discover a piece that was unusual and I stumbled upon a website known as “the code of things” which was created by  Benjamin Laird where he created a project that, “investigation into biographical poetry in print and programmable media. Specifically, how the media in which biographical poetry is written changes the nature of the poetry or the representation of the subject of that poetry.” On the site the author created a piece called, “They Have Large Eyes and Can See In All Directions” that was poetry created by “extracts from books on psychometry written by William Denton and diaries written by his sons concerning their experiences in Melbourne in August 1882.” 

William Denton written many pieces on social reform and spiritualistic ideals while fighting against slavery and fighting for women’s rights beside his wife and sister in law. The piece itself that was used was based on not only his work but of his sons who went into different fields for their careers. 

The design of the piece itself is very fascinating in which you the reader are moving within a dome like creation where there are excerpts of their writing in a tree like fashion. There are approximately 15 sets of tree like poetry in which the words are arranged but cut off to not make coherent sentences. I believe that this was used in an algorithm for there was no particular pattern in which the words were arranged. There was also phrases that that were laid around the trees in which I visualized as shrubs or sets of flowers. I interpreted this as woods of words that were a maze of concepts and theories. None of it was a story because it was from three different minds and it all was confusing at times. The most creative aspect of this was the fact that it was all encased in pages from his novels. It was a large dome and the idea that the author created a world out of his works made it seem like a sanctuary for more of his works. It was his own world in a sense.

 What I got from this piece was a vast array of ideas. There was topics of different plant and animals during the age of the Victoria. I am assuming that one of the sons was studying that since that wasn’t something in particular that William was in the field of. There was also discussion of birds but connecting it to social theories. I think it was difficult to understand this piece because without the background knowledge, fortunately the site itself gives an extensive background on the author. However, it’s difficult to read the “trees” of words and because they are incomplete sentences, it is hard to have a common theme or find out what the purpose of this piece is. I think that from a creative angle it is overall a one of a kind idea and shows an outlet. An outlet to showcase an authors work while showing that even with snippets of the writing it can still be a work of art. 


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