How to Save the World

I found this twitter bot @SaveHumanities by Mark Sample which tweets potential solutions on how to solve the crisis of humanity. Each tweet starts with “To save the humanities we need” followed by “solution” likely generated by other’s tweets containing “we need.” Most of these tweets are fairly absurd or nonsensical, although, on occasion there is a tweet that relates or proposes an actual solution to a humanitarian issue. The following are some examples:


Clearly, “we need to hurry up and start eating people” is not a real solution to saving the humanities, it is quite the opposite. Or the following suggesting “we need to get a drink?” this is also unlikely to help save the human race. Each however is grammatically correct and fairly humorous.

Luckily there were some more situations that could help society as a whole. However, these realistic situations were difficult to find.

After reading through a lot of tweet I was literally on the floor laughing because of how ridiculous I found the tweets. That authors states that there are real solutions but in no way are any of these suitable to save the human race. They m are solely for comic relief.

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