The Kimichi Poetry Project

While searching what to blog about, I stumbled onto something called  the Kimichi Poetry Project. Intrigued, I looked into it more. 

What I found really blew my mind a bit. What it is, is a device located inside of a jar that would actually read the poetry inside of it. I watched videos of people listening to poems being read by the machine in the jar, and they would put the hard copy of the poem inside of the jar before listening. This is done mostly out of symbolism, and it took me a little more research to learn what actually triggers the device.

How it works, is there is a twitter handle where people would tweet to and it would read it when the user opened the lid to the jar.

Two observations I had to this were the parallels between opening a book, or turning a page, and the opening of the jar. When experiencing a piece of literature electronically, we often risk losing the aesthetic of the physical appeal a book or paper gives us. The opening of the jar doesn’t fill that void completely, but it gives the person experiencing the work a way to control the experience.  

The other observation I had was the out-loud reading of the poetry and the impact it had on the experience. We all know that reading poetry out loud gives us a richer experience of the work, but having it read aloud to us, at least in my opinion, is even better. That leaves room for the experiencer to sit back and absorb the the work, or in this case, the poem. in some of the videos I watched, people actually got dressed up and laid flowers around to better enrich the listening experience. 

This is an intriguing idea that I’m surprised I haven’t heard about yet. I think it opens up a lot of possibilities for the interpretation of poetry and how we experience it. Below is the page where I found the videos of the project so you can experience it for yourself.

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