Sleep Mode: Activated

Today I decided to play a game called Icarus Needs. It is a hyper comic adventure based game where you have played too much video games and now you think you are in one. The main character in the game is Icarus. Icarus also thing that his girlfriend Kit is also in the game and you are trying to save her. You need to collect everything item in the dream if you ever want to see your girlfriend again.

Captured the mouse and gave it to the cat.

My experience with the game is probably like other who have played the game before me. It’s fun, easy and anyone can play it. The controls you are given are the usual, W, A, S, D. When you first start the game, you are sleeping. when you move, you wake up. Icarus is still wondering if he is awake or is he in a dream. When you move to the right, there is a staircase presented to you and a manhole. If you go up and to the left, you see a cat that will not move and if you go to the right you see a mouse that jumps to the next panel. When you get closer to it, it crawls in his mouse hole. In the last panel, upstairs you see a giant phone. When Icarus get to the phone he notices that its Kit, his girlfriend on the other line. A few lines are exchanged but nothing serious. The phone gets into your inventory and this is your first item. At the point, I figured that it’s kind of like a puzzle. I need to figure out how I wanted to move the cat and capture the mouse. Well, it’s simple, I need to capture the mouse and give the mouse to the cat. But how? Earlier I mentioned that there was a manhole once you climb down it there, to the right you notice that Icarus can’t get over to the other side but you do have a giant phone in your inventory. You lay it down and cross over to the other side. You come across your next item which is a net.  Now we are making progress. You go upstairs, use the net on the mouse, and give the mouse to the cat. That cat has now moved. The games have many other puzzles like this so that you can find Kit.

I found this hyper comic game entertaining. At the end of the game, kit wakes Icarus up out of his surreal dream. Icarus notice that he is still in the living room when he was last playing his video game, she then tells Icarus to get up and tells him to go to bed. That is the end of the game. I will recommend anybody to play this game if they are into puzzles.

Game completed.

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