Files of Memories

There were bleak, short fiction stories within every click. I had the chance to explore “Book of Waste,” by Andy Campbell. This was an example of a digital fiction narrative game. The game wasn’t too much of an actual game, but more like an interactive fiction reading. 

The main go-to screen in Book of Waste.

The main page of this game consisted of several “files” to choose from. With each labeled file, there would be a small summary on the corner-right of the screen once the title is hovered over. Along with each file, came a series of dark, animated backgrounds with the passages. Each passage had an animated background and some sound effects that went with the theme of what was being talked about in the readings. 

A feature in the file named, “building.”

In the picture above, I was able to zoom into the game under the “building” file and had the chance to actually interact with this part. I pressed different number combinations to try to get a phone to ring in, but, clearly, I kept ending up with the wrong code.

It had seemed like to me that each of these readings had a common theme of sadness, or maybe even sketchiness. I felt like this game was full of files from different characters that wanted to forget these memories. I enjoyed the creativity and thoughtfulness when it came to putting the game together. However, I was not a big fan of the screen twitching every so often. However, that’s all a part of the theme. The game overall was dark, descriptive, and very easy to imagine with the precise details of each file. 

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