Zombies, zombies everywhere!

Have you ever wondered if you could survive a zombie apocalypse? No need to wonder anymore.

Survival Horror Act One is a game that was released in February 2015. It’s an interactive horror game where you click key words to explore. Created by Joe Aaron Sellers, this is a very well made game with lots of attention to detail. Every time you play, the story changes. People and objects have switched places and what worked for you last time won’t necessarily work the second time. Your choices are very important or the story ends in a bloody slaughter.

You have a basic inventory that you can access by clicking a certain word, this allows you to look through your backpack if you want to switch weapons. By default, when you enter into a fight, you automatically fight with the best weapon you have.

The game begins with you waking up in a closet and not being able to remember how you got there or what happened. You are trapped in a school surrounded by the infected, and your goal is to escape and find your way back to camp. Based on other players comments, Seller seems to have incorporated a few humoristic features in this game as well. One claimed that they “just randomly tripped over my own feet and died”.

I’ll admit, this game is very frustrating and after five rounds of playing it, I’ve yet to beat it. It’s a well-made horror game that should be played in the dark. It’s eerie, creepy and a lot of fun.



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