Is the Tower Dead?

The Dead Tower was created by Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell, and this was one of their first collaborative projects. Mez Breeze is described as an Australian-based artist and practitioner of, so she works mainly with code poetry, electronic literature, and digital games. On the other hand, Andy Campbell is an artist from the United Kingdom, and he is a digital writer and the author of Dreaming Methods has been online since 1999, and is still currently available online. The Dead Tower merges two important sub-genres of electronic literature, codework and games. 


In this game, the user is dropped into a dark narrative gaming world where the landscape seems to be rocky and uneven. The setting of this game is dark, however, the text that appears throughout the game is white, which makes the player pay even closer attention. There is a giant tower that overshadows the rocky and uneven landscape with the presence of a wrecked bus. This tower is also known as “The Dead Tower.” The player is in a first person point of view, however, players might have difficulty adjusting to the point-of-view and navigation functions. With that being said, navigation takes a moment of adjustment because they are used to a more integrated relationship between the two in typical gaming controls. Also, the text can be difficult to read at times. however, if you a little patience you will be fine. Personally, I enjoyed the game, however, my patience is very thin so it took me awhile to get through it. However, I did enjoy how the game allows the player freedom to navigate the space. Overall, I think “The Dead Tower” is a interesting game and I encourage people to play it. 

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