Pugs & Romance

I want you to picture this:

You go to a speed dating event. You sit down and wait for it to start only to learn all your potential partners are pugs.

Best situation or Best situation?

George Batchelor’s Hot Date puts you right in the middle of this scenario, matching you up with various precious pugs to chat with. Each pug presented by the game has a different name, personality, likes and dislikes. With all the traits a pug can have, the dating pool seems endless.

Oh Diane.

Modest Mouse is ok but..













Combined that with the crisp, cute art style and catchy music and you have yourself an entertaining piece of interactive fiction.

Of course, Hot Date isn’t the first of it’s kind. There’s plenty of other dating sim-esque games out there where you can attempt to woo promising partners, but to my knowledge it’s the only one with pugs.

The big difference I see between Hot Date and other similar interactive dating games comes from the set up. Hot Date allows for users to input answers instead of just relying on pre-made ones already included in the game dialogue.


Another thing to point out is that Hot Date doesn’t really have one true ending. Winning is more so making a connection and ending a conversation on a decent note. But that triumph is short lived, conversations only last 60 seconds so after your minute is up you’ll continue on to the next pug to try all over again. 

May we meet again v__v

So if the first 15 Pugs hate you, there’s still hope. Remember, much like real life, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

..or pugs in restaurants.

Hot Date is available for iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded from the app store as well as from Batchelor’s site.


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