Are you hiding anything? Let’s find out.

Ever wish to be a hacker? In Hackers Quest, you can play as a hacker to uncover people’s dark secrets. This game was released in July of 2015 and can be downloaded and played on both Apple and Android products. Konya Kristen is the artist behind this fun and addicting game and sadly I could not find out more about her. Hacker’s Quest is considered to be an interactive fiction games or text adventure games are games that you interacted with using text commands, similarly to Zork.

During your first mission in Hacker’s quest, you are asked hack into Anna’s computer to determine if she is cheating on her boyfriend, Lucas. You read that she is in contact with a man named Ben, so you hack into his computer and find an application for Travel Union. I haven’t gotten very for in the game since it is somewhat difficult to figure out.

As you make progress discovering new clues, you reach new levels and further develop the storyline. There are a total of 55 levels in Hacker’s Quest, each one drawing you further and further into the game. Hacker’s Quest display is clever, the neon green text on a black background makes you like you are actually writing some type of code as a hacker would. When you type in commands your prompt displays the directory you are in which is similar to how command line works. All in all this game really makes you feel as if you are some type of hacker/detective. I highly recommend everyone to play!


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