Interactive Storytelling: The Walking Dead

walking dead 3We are currently in an age where interactive stories are becoming increasingly popular. Every year new mainstream media TV shows, movies, and comics are becoming part of the interactive storytelling world. A good starting point in entering this world and learning about interactive storytelling (in my opinion) is the first season of TellTale’s The Walking Dead game. The Walking Dead (which I’m sure everyone knows) is a television show created by AMC (based on Robert Kirkmans comic series) and is considered one of the most popular shows created in the 21st century. This was a prime target to really set the bar when creating interactive fiction. Fans of the walking dead cannot wait for new material to be released, and that’s one of the main causes for the success of this game. That’s far from the only reason for the games success. The game is broken up into 5 episodes (season 1). For the most part it is set up as a point and click game with some storyline cut scenes. walking dead2 The plot revolves around a man (who you play as) named Lee Everett who finds a little girl named Clementine at the beginning of the game. The primary objective of the game is to save Clementine from the new terrifying world around her. This really challenges the morality of the player, considering every choice is life or death. Although no matter what choices you make, the game will always have the same ending. Overall, I believe this work is a great starting point for interactive storytelling players as it’s based on an extremely popular topic (zombies). Also, the ending of each episode is extremely emotional in it’s own way and leaves the players with a feeling of hope, or despair. Below I posted a link to the trailer and other reviews of the game.

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