Hall Of Heads: An Interactive Crisis

I decided to challenge myself once again to do this blog post because why not? I am not a fan of horror. I hate horror movies, scary movies, gore movies, etc. I don’t like being terrified for fun in the way that would make me fear for my life. (I love roller coasters but at least those can’t follow me home and murder me, I guess?) I found this Interactive Fiction game and decided “hey, what the hell why not?” I also pulled up a walk through guide just in case I couldn’t make it through the game the first time. 

This IF was a bit gory and I would not suggest Hall of Heads if blood and descriptions of dismembered by parts makes you queasy. Just for reference, the first sentence of the game is,

“–and I stumbled backward, my throat deeply slashed, my life’s blood draining away as I fell into darkness–“

Quite dark. However there was some humor incorporated here from the main character, Floyd for example says,

…busts…busted heads…heds on peds…headestals…

As a reader, I can’t help but giggle because this game is fictional and there is not anyone in danger. The next interesting aspect of this game is that in the about, the creator mentions that this particular story is told in past tense so “TOOK SHOVEL, WENT NORTHEAST, LOOKED” are all also accepted commands. We have not played any games that allow this so I’m excited to see how much better this game is to play where I won’t be mentally cursing at everything the game tells me. 

I already got stuck right after this scene, so I used the walk through to find out exactly where to go next, especially since the character’s legs couldn’t move. After examining all of the gross heads in the room, I fell and found a round stone in hand. After fumbling for a long while I consulted the walk through once again. After doing gruesome things such as wearing one of the creepy heads wandering the creepy place where people were tacked on the wall, I had to undo a few times because Floyd decided to make life difficult. I also tried to take off the head and died gruesomely. 

The end of the game was not as interactive as I would have liked, and the story was a bit confusing. However, it was a lot of fun to play and I would suggest it for those who like a good puzzle with a nice creepy story. 

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