Black Out

For this blog, I decided to read a poem by Johannes Auer. What is special about this poem is that the reader is are creating it. The Artist gives you a gun and in the gun, there is a word from the poem. Once you click on that poem, you are taking out that word from the poem which leaves you with gaps. The gaps is what the author refers to by “killing the poem.” Every time, there would be ways to create a new poem. There are only seven words in the poem, but many possible outcomes.


The original poem.


poem after

Updated poem once the words were shot out and killed.

I really enjoy these types of interactive poems. I remember doing something similar like this in class with the newspaper where we had to black out the words that we did not want in the poem. It was the only thing that I did not like about this poem is that it displays the same seven words each time you restart. Besides that, this is a pretty cool poem since it is like we are the author in this since we get to choose what we want the poem to say.

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