Motions takes human trafficking and contemporary slavery as its focus” (Smith). There is say “Words speak louder than anything else”.  Will Luers and Roger Dean added visual and sound effect to

 Will Luers and Roger Dean added visual and sound effect to Motions to Hazel Smiths piece of art, which added aesthetic to the material. The images of Luers provided graphics description of the topic, but its focus on the literature on which Smiths is shared with the readers. At first, it was a little hard to keep up with. But given 30 minutes to an hour to focus on what tight-up the images, word, and sound, there is a mystery and a different perceptive on how Smiths tell the story.

Each time motions runs it’s given the same introduction, but as the readers continue, the story changes to a totally different perception. Each time, Smith’s provides a different story line with images the can be translated with high graphic context with the sound effect playing in the background. Those story lines describe victims the were involved in human traffic. Their description is what in my option will push away readers. It’s not as easy as to read and have a visual right after finishing the statement.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 7.38.04 PM

The advantages of this piece of work of Smith represents the uniqueness of how literature can take a different form in the digital world. Right from the begin, Smith’s provides instruction on how to maneuver around the structure of the literature created. Using the left, right, up, and down arrows on the keyboard. Each time the user goes forward the story continues, but as soon as the user hits the back arrows, that’s where the twist begins. If the user hits the left arrows key, the story takes a different point of view of another victim. This is what keeps the context interest, if the story is too graphic, just switch to a different and continue with the reading.


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