E-Poetry and its power to grab your attention

The work I decided to follow was that of E-Poetry. E-Poetry is a concept surrounding engagement with digital media. Leonardo Flores, the author, is a professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico. His areas of research are electronic literature, poetry and digital preservation.

E-Poetry is interactive and captures the attention of the reader with its display. Like Marble Springs, its an interactive story, which tells of the people of a small town. Its make up entertains the reader and displays all sorts of things to them. I <3 E-Poetry also has games, which are interactive and related to electronic reading through poetry. Such as Arteroids, which is an interactive game, based off the older game Asteroids. The game is quite similar to Asteroids, just replaced with words.

Poetry is something that all users can relate to, as often it reaches the senses of individuals in what way or another. To help things such as E-Poetry, which gives it a more fun and interactive aspect, it truly adds to its nature even more. 

The BeeHive is another big part of I <3 E-Poetry, as it was a collection of a bunch of things similar, bringing like-minded people to the page and all similar kinds of traffic. 

E-Poetry brings all locks of life together, with varying interests, for the common goal of enjoying interactive poetry and things alike. It is a new concept to me, but has surely opened my eyes to the many possibilities as this work of art has so much potential. 


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