Interactive Stories On The Go: Choice Of Games

Have you ever wished you could read/play some interactive fiction type games while your stuck in traffic or from the comfort of your bed?

Yes? Ok, great.

Cause it’s totally possible.

See what I’m talking about is this awesome game company by the name of Choice of Games. Their a small Californian company with a variety of titles out. I personally came across them a few years back and fell in love with them due to their style and diversity of stories.

The games are simple in structure. No super detailed interfaces, bright graphics or anything like that. I’m not saying all of that is bad, but I feel like in the case of these pieces, the simplicity helps players focus on the story. It encourage them to create their own mental images of the story and really immerse themselves in it. While

To progress, players must make a choice. These choices can be anything depending on the theme and character of the story.  You could just be deciding what the main character is saying to someone or whether or not they decide to eat the whole jar of cookies. Every story is different!

Example of options (From Versus: The Lost Ones)

Example of options (From Versus: The Lost Ones)

I know a lot of what I’ve mentioned might make the stories sound more like glorified novels rather than games but there are some very game like qualities mixed in. Many of the titles I’ve played from this company include various RPG style mechanisms like stats and power levels. Basically you have to work and choose right to level up. 

Example of Stats (From Versus: The Lost Ones)

Example of Stats
(From Versus: The Lost Ones)

What makes them unlike many other companies is how much they encourage their fans/players to create their own content. They share the code right on their site as well as offer hosting for games. I feel their focus is more on spreading the love of storytelling rather than gaining fame for their own tales.  

I should also point out that their not exclusively mobile either! If your more interested in playing at your computer you can do so. They have browser versions as well as STEAM downloads. 

I definitely recommend checking them out. With all the stories (both company and user made) there’s something for everyone.  

PS. If you want more info about one of their titles, Specifically Choice of The Dragon, Check out this post by a past UMW ELit Student.

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