Finding My Body

Pieces of Herself by Juliet Davis

Pieces of Herself is about the journey this woman took to find herself or to find her own identity. The theme identity is clearly found on the entry screen. It states “Her friends said she needed to “find” herself. And sure enough, when she found pieces of herself everywhere…”

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This poem tells a story about how you can begin looking for yourself in different places and as you experience more and more things, you continually add to yourself. In the poem you find different pieces that are highlighted in color and you stick them on to the silhouette of this woman. These pieces are everywhere just as the opening text stated. Each piece has its own sound that can be heard from each of the locations you travel to. I interpreted this as a person carrying different memories around and how some continually pop back into your head, these same memories begin to shape you. As you continue to add different piece into the silhouette you begin to loose sight of the object you first placed on the person. I thought this was ironic because as you are trying to “find” yourself yet, you are also loosing parts of what made you, well you. 


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Another interesting part of this poem is that as you add more and more objects they each have their own sound. Some of the sounds are louder than other and some are longer than other. I think this is to resemble how life events affect you. Some events stay with you for life and you always keep it in the back of your mind while other are only important for a short period of your life. As you continually add to the silhouette the accumulation of different sounds begins to overwhelm you. The different sounds that her body makes surrounds you, they continue to play as you travel from location to location. For example you can hear the water droplets from the shower at every location. You hear these droplets anywhere and you identify with them, they remind you of the shower. You can also hear the frog’s croaking at every location, the frog can be found in the bedroom. These sounds are loud and clear anywhere you go. There is a mute button at the bottom of the screen which turns off some sounds which only emphasizes my idea that some memories stay with you for life. This is because some of the sound continue to play even if you hit the mute button. There are some memories in everyone’s life that never leave their mind and this shaped their identity. These life events become a part of them and as the poem shows cannot be removed from the person. A memory can be forgot but it is still there.

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