Mafia versus Town… of Salem


One of my favorite online games, Town of Salem, is an online multiplayer game that involves a bit of strategy. It can be found on BlankMediaGames and is a strategy game that involves several online players fulfilling “roles” in-game. There are 3 teams in the game: The Mafia, The Neutrals, and The Town. Each role fits into one of these categories. The selection of roles is random and can be any role out of 15. These include: Sheriff, Doctor, Investigator, Jailor, Medium, Godfather, Framer ,Executioner, Escort, Mafioso, Lookout, Serial killer, Town killing, Jester, and Random town. Each role has their own purpose. As an example, if you are the Godfather, you’re goal is to work with The Mafia. The Mafia has a secret chat that the players can talk in to plan out killing off other players. This can only be done at night time, which happens every time someone gets lynched. night time salemGenerally, once night time is over, one or more of the other players have been murdered. This is either by the Mafia or Neutral teams. The Town team basically consists of the good guys. The way lynching works is by votes. All the players vote on someone in the game to get lynched when the sun comes back up. If you’re on The Town side, you’re trying to find out which players are on The Mafia and get the other players on your side to vote against them. 

Overall, the game is a lot of fun and involves a lot of chatting with other players. There is a skill aspect as to whether you can fool people to what your role is, but mostly, it consists of luck. It’s a free game and is definitely worth a try! The link is posted below. 


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