A Study in Shades

A Study in Shades, by Robert Kendall was a great take on what it must be like for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. He set it up so that the story is a split screen depicting a man and a woman on the left and right side of the screen respectively. The pictures have been grayed out a little bit to make them seem hazy. The way to navigate through the poem is to click the arrows around each section of the poem. One set if left and right arrows for the man and on set for the woman. As the reader clicks through each specific set of text one side starts to blur more than the other one does. This resembles what happens to some one with Alzheimer’s. 

First screen in A Study of Shades

I think its important that Kendall wrote this poem to shed light on how people with Alzheimer’s can behave or think while affected. Kendall writes that the man has some memory of what happened throughout his life, but he can’t quite bring up the memories from his brain. You can see the woman start to blur out as the poem progresses because he can’t quite picture who she is. After clicking throughout the woman’s side of the poem I found out that its the father of the woman figure. Kendall illustrates what its like on the other side, where the family struggles trying to help the father with his memory. If you click through on the woman’s side the man starts to gray out even more, to get blurrier. You can see that she’s struggling with her father’s situation. And you can see where the father is frustrated with his disease and he cant’ understand why he cannot recall some memories.

The poem also progresses in time. As you click through the father’s section you can see the woman fade. This represents the time that passed and the father’s mind is starting to deteriorate. But overall the poem is sad. But the poem is also enlightening. For me particularly, I’ve heard a few things about Alzheimer’s disease but I can’t imagine how it might feel to be in some one who is experiencing or affected by the disease. This poem exposes people on the feeling of what it might be like to be in someone’s situation like that.

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