The Unexpected of a Resort Island

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Right for the begin without reading the author description about the poem, you will probably think it will be a love poem. The titled “Ask Me for the Moon”  by John David Zuern. Just automatic made me think it will be a love story of a couple. 

At first, I was distracted by the fast rotation of the text. There wasn’t enough time to capture my thoughts to understand the context. That’s where I read the author description of the text, where it help me understand his decision of including hypertext through the text, but as well as using the Adobe Flash software in order to capture a different style of literature work. 

Once it got to the sound effect, I didn’t get that feel of a love poem. Since it was a spooky sound, but the sound made it understand how fast situations can move in a new city or environment.  For example, If I was to describe New York City, I would probably use a sound that is a fast pace in order to keep up with the same aspect of New yorkers. It’s fascinated how a place can be seen as a paradise scene from far away until actually experience the atmosphere. As well, as notice that different pace those that live in the area.  

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Zuern ability to use Adobe Flash to tell a story was a clever way in order to give new readers a new way to see/experience literature. Compare to a flat platform that is just words and not enough movement through the poem. At least on technology. 

“Reef of spent muscle

secretion of hope and work



 castle in the sand

palace of purchased love

 troves of stole sleep

you hear the breathing of sleep

 love’s dark double

sleep’s unsettle twin

in the sweep of waves

the pulse of expectation

you hear your own breath” by John David Zuern.

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