Interactive story telling, maybe superior

I initially decided to pick this story, because of the creative title. An interesting title is a must within the literary world. It is the first thing the reader will read, and that spilt second of reading can be the determining factor between being read or being forgot about, just like in this class if we named our article “blog article number one” the readers will most likely be extremely bored. So that is why when I read the title “Hobo Lobo of Hamelin”  To me this seemed like a blend of genres. It seemed like it was mixing the Great Depression era within America’s when the black market crashed, along with medieval times. This was simply due to the word “Hamelin” I can not consciously identify why this was the conclusion reached in the depths of my mind. After some research I was ironically right, Hamelin is a town that was developed in 851 AD. When I finally went to website my research and intuition paid off.

Stevan Živadinović’s digital pop up book which is clearly inspired by the non digital pop up book was extremely captivating, due to it’s art style. The statement Živadinović’s work summarized how I felt very well. The work was simple, it was only 10 pages long, yet extremely complex. The statement had this to say, “It’s flat yet 3D, still yet animated, linear yet temporally scrubbable” The flat animated yet still 3D style reminded me greatly of Nintendo’s video game series “Paper Mario” which I fell in love for, for the same reason, due to its creative animation style that really demands for your attention. Without this core feature, the story would be underwhelming. It is quintessential for getting his story across. 

paper mario

Even though the storyline was composed of mostly short sentences to tell the reader what is going on, it still possess complexity and satirical nature. For instance the hobo lobo is very rat-esq and he is asked to rid the townsfolk of the rats. Which is pretty ironic. The most important thing that I noticed is that obviously this is far more engaging than most stories, and due to that my interest level immensely peaked. 



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