Finishing the Unfinished

Has helping a famous dead man, who is now a simulacrum, finish an unfinished book ever been on your bucket list? Well, my friend, here is the chance to check it off your list by playing Ice bound Compendium.

The plot of the game starts off with Kristopher Holmquist, now known as KRIS, who is dead due to an unexplained incident. He died before finishing his novel that he was working on. After his work became publicized, he became popular. A fan of his, who is also a publisher, created him into a simulacrum (artificial intelligence) known as KRIS so that he can finish his novel for his fans to read. Making the main objective for this game to help KRIS come up with an ending to finish his book.

 This interactive narrative game allows its players to create a story by “spending a light”. When you spend a light you are placing them into a box that contains a fragment for the story. When you start to spend two lights or more on a level you will start to notice that more combinations of text will pop up. This will create an event that will appear in the unfinished book. If you need help, KRIS will guide you with footnotes on what he thinks about your choices. The story that you pick, will determine what you will see in the next level. Once you’ve made your decision, the level will freeze over, not allowing you to go back and make any changes.

before after

The best part about this game is that it is free to play on windows or iPad. However, to finish the game, you will need to purchase the book on amazon or Indie press revolution. The book you will need to purchase is an 80-page coloring book that allows you to find hidden passages in the pages of the book. Once they run out of copies, the book will not be for sale again!

I thought this game was creative in many different ways. One way is that it was possible for you to create your own ending for the book. Another way is that you could communicate with Kris during the game. There is no doubt that this was a complex game to make with also integrating the book to help you find different stories.

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