Faded Memories

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The first level of Rememori played as “nurse”- http://www.crissxross.net/elit/rememori.html


Do you hate the feeling of forgetting what you were about to say? Do you hate not being able to remember what happened because it wasn’t documented? Well, these are common symptoms for people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, also known as senile dementia.


Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that can occur in middle or old age. Dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years. This disease destroys ones memory and other mental functions. Individuals lose the ability to carry on a conversation and respond to his or her surroundings. It is a curse that cannot be cured.


“Rememori” by Christine Wilks is a poem about dementia that was constructed as a memory game. You choose a character you want to be, such as a daughter, husband, a visitor, or even a nurse. The game consists of circular tiles with question marks on them that flip over when clicked on. Each time you click on a tile, it displays either an animated image or text, followed by a question about the person’s identity. When you match two tiles, they go away until the level is completed. As I progressed to the next levels, I noticed that the tiles were not showing animated images anymore. It showed questions and words that spun around.


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 A question that was asked after flipping a tile- http://www.crissxross.net/elit/rememori.html


When I played this game, I felt overwhelmed and lost. The game itself was not hard to follow. When I clicked on the tiles, texts like, “will I be sad when you die?” and “who are you?” were thrown at me. It was heartbreaking.


I thought the concept of the game was unique and it did a great job on bringing awareness to the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The game was simple, yet it left me speechless. The last level requires you to flip all of the tiles over. Each tile was just white and blank. The screen eventually turns completely white and that marks the end of the game. The game shows how as individuals with Alzheimer’s progress through his or her life, their memory becomes increasingly worse. Rememori is fun, educational, and affective as to how it portrays the symptoms of dementia.


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