It’s All in the Details: AlethiCorp

If you couldn’t get enough of Mark Marino and Rob Wittig’s #IWFW, AlethiCorp by Simon Christiansen should be next up on your e-lit queue. 

This is the AlethiCorp graphic.

This is the AlethiCorp graphic.

The story’s description is as follows: 

“Do you have what it takes to be an Associate Information Management Consultant with one of the world’s largest information management companies? Can you leverage synergies with the best to operationalize our global market traction? If you were a bear, would you be an American Black Bear or a Siberian Brown bear? If the answer is Yes, apply today!”

Just like the I Work for the Web NetProv, this interactive fiction game is realistically based. The game is to be played online and is setup like any other website. One of the first stages of the game is to create and submit a website for the parent company.  Like Christiansen’s website says, “it’s so real it hurts.” 

A screenshot of the IF game from Simon Christiansen's website.

A screenshot of the IF game from Simon Christiansen’s website.

You fill out the job application, you get e-mails, you have to log hours. This game is almost like a full fledged job, and the way you get up in the game is reminiscent of real life: the more you participate, the more layers start being pulled away. 

Unlike some IF games that might been prevalent on the electronic literature scene, the nature of the game is more focused on the literature and language in the game rather than some of the actual gameplay. You have been warned, it is a lot of reading, but also worth the read. 

Another screenshot taken from Christiansen's website, showcasing one of the aspects of the IF game: the personality test.

Another screenshot taken from Christiansen’s website, showcasing one of the aspects of the IF game: the personality test.

Throughout the game-play, Christainsen really gives the feeling of corporate job training as someone just entering a company. You take a personality test to figure out your personality in the game and from there you read through e-mails and complete tasks in order to get a feel for your co-workers. 

Another layer of the game is that you’re actually the mole. Yep that’s right, there’s a surveillance, almost pan-optic aspect to it. As a player you have to decide whose side are you really on? Whose side is everyone else on? The only way to figure it out is to keep chugging along and to continue to take inventory of your surroundings throughout the game.

While I have not completely finished with the game myself, I am interested in how far down the rabbit hole I can go.

If my argument in favor of this IF game has not intrigued you to download the game yet, it’s winning 4th place in the 20th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition should.  

Another thing to remember: 




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