Cleverbot. I am sure you’ve heard of the little robot that is supposedly smarter than the average human. When you think of clever, you think of analytical, you think of the mathematical left side of the brain. Now think of poetry, when we think of poetry we think of florally, creative words that are pretty and thought inspiring. We feel something. I was wondering if you could blend the ideas of analytical with poetry, what could be created? 

I wanted to know if you could make poetry out of Cleverbot’s responses. It would be hard, because what Cleverbot will respond with can’t be dictated, it also can’t really be predicted either. I was lucky enough to stumble upon someone who did make poetry. The lines written by Cleverbot are in italics, while the creator’s lines, littlemogkupo, their lines are just regular text. 

Sitting silently, screen aglow

Let’s sing another song.

Strangers I’ll never know.

Are you a machine?

Unrecognized decadence.

ARE you made of nonorganic life?

No remains of innocence.

Aren’t you a girl?

A cacophony of insulting names.

If I were insulting you, you’d know.

Childish laughter, wicked games.

No, I did not create you.

 Now, you may not think this poetry is that great, or even think of it as poetry but I really thought it was beautiful. The ‘aren’t you a girl?’ followed by A cacophony of insulting names, is attacking this idea of adding a sex to a person, adding this importance where gender shouldn’t matter. I tried to make poetry with Cleverbot, and it’s not an easy task to do. I actually challenge you to do it, maybe something beautiful will be created.  In fact, I found this poetry too that was made through cleverbot.  What is interesting about this poem is that this creator didn’t specify which lines were the Cleverbot and which lines were the persons.  I think it was nice to kind of blur the lines, it makes it feel even more poetic then the one above, and this one even sounds more poetic, you can see the poem below in its proper setting on the person’s website. 

Without a soul, who can know what the future holds?

What future? How can I get past today with nothing to live for?

Offer them a new technology, and offer to develop it for them.

Sell yourself to the industry of creating humans more efficiently and less uniquely.

But I’m not doing it for the law. It’s for my religion.

I believe in creation. I believe in choice.

But I’m not a believer.

Why do I lie to myself like I lie awake at night wishing for a purpose?

Do you have a religion?

No? Then let’s share mine.

I can be strong for the both of us.

I can pick you up in my Ferrari.

I’ll carry us away to a time more certain.

Fairly more certain that you are not making sense.

But I forgive you. After all, the world doesn’t make sense.

Or does it?

All I know is that now I have you to live for.

 In the end, I think this poetry using a digital medium is really interesting and is actually a lot harder than people might think.  I give enormous credit to anyone who attempts it and anyone who can make something beautiful due to the randomness of Cleverbot’s response.  It takes a great deal of creativity to keep the form in a poetic light and to persuade certain responses from Cleverbot.

 Cleverbot poetry

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