The Dead Tower

In The Dead Tower, from the site Dreaming Methods, the player explores a dark, mountain-type landscape that is overshadowed by a giant tower, the “Dead Tower”.  The Dead Tower is a digital fiction project by Andy Campbell and Mez Breeze. The games revolves around a crashed bus, and the Dead Tower can be explored by the player.  Leonardo Flores says, “This narrative poem is arranged on a darkly atmospheric virtual world designed to both creep you out and pull you in…“.  The player is drawn towards the items that are purposely shown bright throughout the game.  The story line is driven by a frightening but interesting narrative, that is told slowly through fragments towards the player/reader. 


The navigation of the game can be a little tricky sometimes.  The player is basically in a first person point of view, similar to playing as a soldier in a shooting game.  However, once the payer gets the hang of it, the landscape and scenery is very easy to move around.  The text can also be a little difficult to read, but if you have a bit of patience its easy.  Running the mouse over the “ghost-like” text, it will zoom in and stay there for the player to read.  To have the best experience with the game, previous players have said to play it in a darker space and with headphone on.


Mez Breeze is an Australian-based artist and practitioner of, working primarily with code poetry, electronic literature, and digital multimedia works combining text, code, image and sound.  As of May 2014, Mez is the only Interactive Writer and Artist who’s a non-USA citizen to have her comprehensive career archive, called “The Mez Breeze Papers” housed at Duke University, through their David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Andy Campbell is a digital writer/artist. He is Director of Digital Media for the UK charity One to One Development Trust and lead developer on ‘Inanimate Alice’. His portfolio of work ‘Dreaming Methods’ has been online since 1999.


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