Playing Google Maps

Geoguessr is an online game which was released nearly two years ago, on the thirteenth of May, 2013. This game was developed by a swedish information technology consultant, and has gained rapid popularity among the online populations. The game starts by placing the player in a randomized location in google street view. The player of the game is then tasked with guessing (via a drop point on a map of the Earth), where they are on the planet. The locations can be anywhere on the planet that has been catalogued in the google street view database, so the range of locations is relatively large. The player can seemingly wind up in any location from bustling American cities to lonely, desolate Russian highways, or even the winding foothills of mountains in New Zealand. The player can move the location in which they landed roughly 10 frames in either direction to gain a better understanding of where they are, be it by recognizing natural landmarks or by viewing road signs. Once the player drops the pin on the map of the planet, they are shown how close to the actual location they came in kilometers, with more points being awarded the closer the player drops the point to the actual location of the image. The player may find it incredibly difficult to guess some rounds, as sometimes almost zero context clues are given and the player may just have to architect a guess solely based off the biome of the region. The game repeats for five rounds, with the player receiving their total score at the culmination of the fifth and final round. The game is also interesting and fun to play in the aspect that it lets the player see parts of the world they might not otherwise see.

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