The Moon Sliver: You Are the Only One Who Remains

When you close your eyes and imagine that one picturesque landscape of never ending grass blowing in the wind. That one image that almost everyone seems to have at least one point in their life. This story captures it, turning it into an almost desert landscape, bringing the player into the psychological horror game that is The Moon SliverThis game takes the beauty of the dying landscape further by surrounding you with an ocean. You can hear the sounds of the waves crashing against huge rock formations in the water. Tiny cottages are scattered throughout the island along what seems to be power line poles. Some of the cottages are in ruins. You start the game in a cottage, in the dark. Once you make your way out after using a flashlight, you a given a very haunting message, ” Yesterday, only four people lived on this island. Now, only one remains.”  


When exploring the island you are given more messages that tells a story about the other people who lived on the island. In many cases it was dialogue between characters. These characters mentioned are Isa, Abel, Ellie, and Daniel.  Information is also given to you when you come across items like books and machines. There seems to be a main focus on a stolen or missing item called the Moon Sliver. The island is called Hector, and there seems to be notes that mentions a demon that hates the people of the island. The demon, the Woodland Teeth, has a fortress in underground tunnels. He lurks in dark places, snatches people, and takes them to his “hell.” Then a man named, Hector, is visited in a dream by the moon. He is told to take the Moon Sliver and fight the demon. The demon was banished into the tunnels, but cannot leave as long as the Moon Sliver exists. The tunnels can only be accessed at night. New parts of the tale are told by Hectors of many different generations.


The Temple



There is a lot of information described about the characters and their relationships with each other. Isa and Abel seem to be an older couple. Abel is cheating on Isa with Ellie, who doesn’t seem to care much for Abel. Abel feels terribly guilty for cheating on his wife and mentions how he is now close friends with sin for cheating on her. Daniel seems to be a couple with Ellie, but Daniel is cheating on her with Isa. Ellie doesn’t not seem to be pleased he is “talking” with Isa. Daniel is the first to notice the Moon Sliver missing, and informs the others. Tension begins between the characters as each blame each other, for the missing Moon Sliver. All of them believe one of among them stole the Moon Sliver. We are told from letters written that the island is slowly dying. The ground is unsuitable for growing crops most likely because of the rising ocean water.


This game was offered mostly as a story telling aspect. The end isn’t something you would expect. Giving away the beautifully crafted ending would just be throwing away a great story. You also find out who was the last to remain, the character you play as. The game itself is only $2.99 on Steam. It’s not very expensive and I had a great time playing it. Unlike most horror games, this game uses the suspense of the story told as you explore the island rather than jump scares. The atmosphere in the tradition of many horror games works off the landscape to give an eerie experience. The game is steeped in a story-driven capacity, it almost reminded me of Dear Esther or Gone Home. The Moon Sliver does not seem to work off a narrator, rather works off of the player creating the tension with their theories on how the end might go. Overall the story was excellently conveyed. I would definitely recommend playing it.   

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