No escape

In the interactive fiction game Capped by Andy Campbell, the player is a character who is running and hiding from an alien invasion. By the third screen, you are underneath a giant tripod, which makes the player believe that the character was taken by the aliens. The mechanics of the game make you feel as if you are scared and running away from something. 

The sounds in game make you want to actually hide and run from the invaders. The heartbeat that overrides the fast paced, yet eerie music in the background, which makes the player feel as if he/she is truly afraid of what is happening in the game. Since the game is also black and white, with no color; Campbell is showing that the town is literally left with nothing and it creates more of a run down feel to the game. It makes you really realize, as a player, there is nothing left.


The sticky notes at the beginning and the end of the game show the last memories the character will have. They remember the places they went to run and hide from the alien invaders, but the memory that they have of the pre-invasion is only a sticky note left by, possibly a family member. 

The text throughout the game basically tells the player that there is nothing left and that everyone he knows and cares about is gone. To me, since in the very beginning, the character is flashed by the tripod, the scenes shown are the memories of his town and his efforts to get away. But the text itself is the aliens talking to the character, making the player feel hopeless and there is no way to escape. 

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