A Playground Like No Other

Nightgale’s Playground is an interactive browser based video game. You start out in a dark and dirty room. Players must search the room for text hints as to what has happened and what is going on in the story. Players progress buy reading all text cues and after a set amount are read, you can advance to the next chapter. The chapters begin to tell a dark story of you ended up in the situation you did, and what it will take to leave. 

The creators, Andy Campbell and Judi Alston, have a few other published works, but none as visually appealing as Nightgale’s Playground. This digital fiction is a clear representation of what player’s look for and expect from a game. The creators seem as though they’ve played through numerous games, and were able to choose the best aspects of all their favorites and combine them into a fun, easy and involving game.

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The game advances from a simple room, into exploring the contents of a beat up suitcase, out to the bustling streets filled with a moving background, a real sound look of city noises, and clues to follow as to what to do next. This cuts to a moving highway with cars alongside, while still reading through what is occurring to the main character. The game is fairly fast paced, but can be overwhelming on your flash client and freezes during transitions, causing players to restart.

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Countless locations appear on your screen out of nowhere, while you try to regain memories and solve the mystery behind this ancient video game you found. The game maintains player’s interest and has a great original storyline. I would recommend the game to anyone purely off of the attention to detail put into it. 


Nightgale’s Playground: http://nightingalesplayground.com/flash/consensustrance/index.html



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