My next tweet will be….?

In class we talked about what electronic literature is and what it can do that other literature can’t. It fosters interaction, navigation through a story, instability, and randomness. But we also talked about some electronic things that don’t quite fit into the basic four categories (hypertext, interactive fiction, digital poetry and games).  These sort of things include, net prov, and twitterbots; that’s where That Can Be My Next Tweet fits in.  It’s something else you can add to the list of Twitter-related time wasters (I spent a lot of time generating tweets over and over).  It uses the same premise of twitterbots to generate new content that you can either tweet on your own account of continuously generate for a new result.

nex tweet

Tweet generated using my account

It’s developed by Monokai, aka Wimer Hazenberg of the graphic design firm Booreiland.  As the name suggests, site/app helps you generate Twitter statuses.  It analyzes your existing tweets and generates random messages by combining the words and phrases it finds relevant.  And by analyzing your tweets, I mean regurgitating 140 characters of gibberish.  All you need to do is enter your Twitter username and click on “get your next tweet” to get the tweet.  You may also post it to Twitter directly by hitting the corresponding button.  The machine generated tweets, as you would expect, might not make sense (actually it doesn’t most of the time).  But it does come up with a nice tweet now and then.


Tweet generated using my friend Carmela’s account

tweet 1

Tweet generated using my friend Max’s account

The tweets generated from this website/app are better related to poetry generated by code similar to Toroko Gorge or something along the lines of anything generated because of a code.  The results are never the same but always entertaining (even i they don’t mean anything).  If you get the app, you can combine two or more twitter handles for even more bizarre generated tweets.

Something that I would be interested in seeing from this is an option to only generate tweets from a certain tag that you use or even a way to not generate from a tag that you use.  I say this because I only recently got a twitter account to do my homework and a lot of my tweets are just responses to different assignments; from trying the site/app out on different accounts, the generated tweets are more interesting when they pick and choose from personal accounts.

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