The Battlefield of Our Collective Memory

Memory Reloaded: the downfall, created by Molleindustria, is a playable literature matching game that is based on memory. At first I thought that this game would be like many other matching games, but I became suspicious of the games  directions. It states that “history may be different from that which you remember”.   

Tile 1Tile 2The game starts like other matching games, where the cards are faced down and the player must click one card and finds its match somewhere on the board. However, the trick behind the game is that the cards are constantly shuffling. What is interesting to notice is that the cards don’t just have pictures on them, but they have conflicts that the world is facing to this day. The way the game does this is to bring up societal topics (such as global warming and terrorism) to send a message. Since the cards are constantly changing, the game became a metaphor of how the worlds problems are not so simple to solve. 

However after a few playthroughs, I began to notice what the changes with the cards actually did. For example, I flipped over an “Iraqi oil desired by the United States” card. I didn’t find the match, then the card changed to a card regarding “Mass destruction”. With some of the cards, the game shifted the severity of the problems. This manages to raise awareness of these subjects by using topics that we are exposed to everyday. Memory Reloaded

Then their is one question that I asked myself, “What does the title of this game mean”? Because the title of this piece of playable literature has a direct connection to the meaning of it. The word “memory” plays more than just describing the type of game, it actually proves a choice. As a player we choose to take part in more than a decade of political discourse in less than 5 minutes. 

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