The Quest Through Space

This sci-fi hypertext adventure game is an adventure for all players. Multiple dead ends and circling links have players moving through a virtual maze. Humor is present throughout the entirety of the game, keeping it entertaining and never allowing players to lose interest. Author Deirdra Kiai has created many other games which have received much praise from players. While the game has no recommended age, I would say it is modeled towards a younger crowd. Giving players options such as customizing their appearance even when not assigning a gender to characters.

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 The character’s home planet Videogames has been destroyed and a hunt to find those who did it begins. Traveling through space and questioning characters leads you to conclusions you might not expect. Multiple options and levels to each conversation have players wondering what might have been if they had asked something else. Checkpoints and progress are marked by prompts to insert new discs.

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With the addition of each new disc, new characters, both interactive and simple, are added into the storyline. A seemingly never ending game draws players into continuously playing in hopes to finish the story. This take on text games makes it feel almost like a modern video game without the visuals. The seemingly endless options make players feel as though they have full control over every action in the game. The game comes to somewhat of an end while looking for disc 29, and being unable to find it. While still being unable to find the disc, your character gets arrested by space police and begins getting charged with countless crimes.

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Being prompted with a large list of possible outcomes, the game comes to somewhat of an apex for the game. Players can only suspect that this is the point where alternate endings begin to arise. The game while humorous, also has some deeper meanings such as gender equalities. Kiai does a great job bringing in serious issues with the help of light hearted text. 



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