Eccentric Storytime with Nelson

Jason Nelson is known for his eccentric stories and taking well known documents or moments in history and creating his own version of the historical moment. Nelson has a very distinct look to his websites and stories. They are like a very coherent mess with videos playing in the background and various texts mixed throughout the page. One of his pages is called VideoGraph Writing shows his twist on five different famous clips and commercials by creating his own story that has a background on what the commercial or clip is actually trying to convey. He uses humor and has good reasoning as to why each of the stories makes sense and makes them more applicable to people seeing the advertisements in today’s world.

A screenshot of Nelson's homepage of

A screenshot of Nelson’s homepage of

The way that Nelson sets his pages up is with a black background and some sort of movement across the screen. In his VideoGraph Writing page, his movement is lines moving up and down the full page in order to show the vintage of the videos playing in the background. The music also played to fit what was being shown in the full page. It was intense and fit the title page well, which made me want to view the different sites that he has on his page.

When I read the page, I just went in order of what was listed and some of them were interconnected with each other. For example, story 3, “a president-battery power” and story 5 “dinoriders-universe battle” show how the batteries are going to run the world by taking over the presidency and, eventually, going into the toys and mind of a young child. While reading his take on the advertisements from years ago, I thought that it was accurate to put some sort of reasoning why things happen in those advertisements.

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