Potential of the Hypercube

Letter to Linus is an endeavor into electronic literature which shares many similarities to the poetic hypertext which we discussed earlier in the course. It utilizes a “hypercube”, which is a series of squares meant to represent a cube, with each side (or square) housing hypertext which leads to another hypercube with more options to advance the story. The middle square is always pink, and usually houses some sort of verb, whereas the outlying squares are typically blue and house short phrases. Each click advances you to a new set of choices, while also providing prose poetry that tells a story. The hypercube functions as a tool tether the prose poems into a relatively cohesive story. The choices, however, do not seem to be entirely relevant to the outcome of the story.

I found this to be a very interesting and engaging form of hypertext. Never before had I seen a “hypercube” utilized, and I found its purpose and implementation to be intriguing. It bridges the gap between interactive fiction and hypertext poetry, taking elements of both and combining it into an experience unique to this particular endeavor. I believe this is a format which has much potential, with perhaps more in depth hypercube based stories coming about to really implement its usage to its full ability.

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