Dim O’Gauble

On Dreaming Methods, there is a digital fiction work, “Dim O’Gauble, by Andy Campbell.  Dreaming methods calls it a combination of writing a new media.  This piece uses a set of drawings that look like a child or someone younger has drawn them, however, this “child” is a very talented artist, the images in the artworks themselves are what make me think it’s a younger person’s work.  The story also uses links to very spooky artwork, and had the ability to move around the work and zoom in and out, just by moving your mouse over the work.  It also had arrows to follow, that took you through the story, they just needed to be clicked on.  As you click on the arrows lines and stanzas of poetry are revealed.  There are a few lines that are permanently shown, but there are also a few lines that fade in and out once you get to another arrow, however, once the lines fade out that do not reappear.  This work is a beautiful canvas that interests the reader, and provides them with a haunting and incredible to to read and understand. 


Dim O’Gauble follows the story of an grandma reflecting on her grandson’s scary, and a little supernatural or unrealistic, visions of the future. The texts itself reflects this storyline, as some of the lines of poetry disappear after being there for only a few seconds, and they do not reappear.  These disappearing, to me, is the author portraying the memories of the grandson, that are scary and hard to remember.  The final scene, was very frightening and eye-catching to me.  At the end, there is a video sequence of walking down a subway tunnel, and as the reader is taken through, there is still text and storyline being told.  Both characters, the grandma and the grandson, are trying to communicate with each other during this final sequence.  At the start of the journey through the tunnel, the text is slightly readable, but mostly dark and fuzzy, but as the reader keeps walking and getting closer to his/her destination, the words and picture become clearer. 


Andy Campbell is a digital writer. who has been working with digital fiction since 1994. He is the author of the dreaming methods website.  Dreaming Methods began in the mid-1990s, when a group of  writers, Campbell included, formed a series of on-floppy-disk “e-zines” and anthologies which were then distributed for free through the Amiga Public Domain (PD). These programs auto-loaded into specially designed interfaces which presented short fiction for immediate reading from the screen. Campbell compares his creative process when writing and created digital media works such as, Dim O’Gauble, “to scrap-booking, with snippets of graphics, code, writing and sound all brought into the same place and blended/edited together to create a work which transcends (hopefully) any particular single component.”


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