The Beatles within Kinetic Typography!

I’m not sure how blogs really work, but this is my first blog ever! I am going to talk about Kinetic typography and a specific piece I found online that caught my attention and interested me (plus I love the band)!


Kinetic typography is a kind of animation upon a screen to go along with the text being portrayed.  It is considered expressive art and makes the text more interesting and entertaining to read! One, in particular, that I found on I <3 E-poetry was one of the Children’s E-literature, and it was interesting because it is conveyed to be poetry even though it actually is very well-known song.




Bold Agency and Studio created a Kinetic typography for the song Help! by: The Beatles. It was a great representation of E-literature and Kinetic typography because of how it has been portrayed, the typography went well with the lyrics of this song. The animation of the little alien blob-looking thing that had legs and feet was very peculiar but interesting as well to watch throughout the playing of this song. I absolutely loved though how the creators of this incorporated the submarine from the Yellow Submarine, another one of the Beatles’ classics.


The actual text in this typography is awesome. It is word for word of the song Help! but the manner in which the words come up on the screen at you is so creative! Such as, some of the words come up with flowers on them, others get crushed by the other words, for example, the “I” gets crushed at one point by the words that directly follow the “I”, and some words are shot out of cannons, and then some swirl in circles. Some are different fonts, some are bold, while others are not bold. It is fascinating to see all the differences and creativeness that is put into this Kinetic typography.

I also believe that when it comes to texts or memorizing lyrics to songs, it is so much easier to remember what you’ve read when there is animation incorporated versus just a plain text you read. I say that because it is a well known fact that in most children, they learn words better when they have a picture to go along with the words. It is just like phonics, when kids learn the alphabet and the teacher says “A as in Alligator” and makes a chomping motion with their hands to help the children remember Alligator starts with an “A”. It is the same here, in Kinetic typography for children.


I am very interested in the Children’s E-literature section because in the future I hope to teach, so this E-lit choice in particular was a great choice for me! I see it as a very creative and that a lot of thought and effort must have been put into the making of this work, like the animation part (not the words since they were directly from the song Help! ). I looked at a few other songs that were created into Kinetic typography as well and they all WOW’d me, they were fascinating to me and I now understand why it is referred to as “expressive art”.





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