Interacting with Alice

Inanimate Alice – Episode 2 is an interactive story about a girl named Alice who is living in a snowy area of Italy, after living in Saudi Arabia. The story includes interactive games and other forms of interaction to show how a ten year old girl would react to the situation Alice is put in. It makes the audience really feel how the narrator would feel.

One of the forms of interactions that the story has is the games that you have to play in order to see what Alice actually does in order to find her parents. At first, she tries to remain calm in the situation, so she plays games on her phone, which the readers have to play. Then, once she gets a little more concerned about her parents, she calls her tutor from home in order to feel better. During the call, she remembers what it was like to be at home in Saudi Arabia and how comfortable it was to know where her parents were and what they were doing. Once the call ended, and she was still concerned about her parents, she decides to go looking for her parents, which includes having her dress for the cold weather, which the reader has to click on the clothing to prepare her for the outdoors. The interactive games give the readers a good insight as to what needs to be done for Alice to find her parents.

This is a scene from when Alice makes the phone call to her tutor from home.


Another method of interacting that the authors use is the use of sight and sound in the story. It really makes the audience feel what Alice is feeling and show the eeriness of the story and what she is feeling with the loss of her parents. Although some of the story is exaggerated by Alice, the audience understands what she is feeling because of what the story is showing.

With the use of interactive games, images, and sounds, the audience is able to really feel and connect with Alice and the adventure she goes on in order to find her parents.

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