Item #: SCP-3000

Object Class: Blog Post-SCP Foundation

Special Containment Procedures: None.

Description: The SCP Foundation is a website which employs user-submitted articles of fiction to create a near encyclopedia of items and creatures that the foundation has deemed to be important. The articles are numbered in a chronological system due to the date they are submitted. Nowadays, the articles number in the thousands. The articles are divided into series, each one containing one thousand SCP articles. Stories occasionally contain hypertext which when clicked leads to other stories on the SCP website. The articles are short stories which are originally published onto the website, making them electronic literature. The website is compelling in the way that it is a collective effort to create a massive collection of science fiction and horror related stories. Each article is assigned a number, corresponding to its chronological placement within the larger overarching body of SCP content. Every article is also given a specific class which dictates more specifically what the article in question is about. Next, each article has a short paragraph detailing “containment procedures”, which detail special procedures employees of the fictitious SCP Foundation must follow when dealing with the subject. Finally, a brief description of the object on which the article is based is included in each article, detailing either the potentially harmful or benevolent behaviors of the subject. For example, the top rated article discusses a creature called SCP-173 (which is the attached picture), which is malevolent creature of unknown origin that requires “no fewer” than 3 SCP employees. Unfortunately, the website fails to catalog the publishing date of each specific SCP article, but many of them are recent with active publishing continuing on to this day.

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