Remembering Myself

Backtrack by Rebecca Boland is a sad but inspiring story of Rebecca after she is involved in a drunk driving accident.  Rebecca had gotten into a car with a drunk friend and they ended up in a horrible accident.  After waking up from the trauma, Rebecca had lost her memory and this digital story telling work is her diary on her path to get it back.  It’s an interactive story that takes the reader through her life, while she tries to live as normal life as possible, while at the same time, trying to get her old memories back. First the reader is told what happened to Rebecca, and then taken through her life.  I was able to see her childhood home, her family tree, photos of her growing up, photos of friends and family, and what her life was like right before the accident and what she is doing now.  The whole story was really personalized and very well crafted from start to finish.  I like her start and end points, and I like how personal and positive she was throughout the story.  She didn’t make it into a tragedy where people should feel sorry for her, she just let people into her life while trying to recover from a tragedy.


I felt inspired by this work of digital storytelling.  She’s trying very hard to get her memories back, and although I don’t know what that is like, I can imagine it would be very frustrating and hard to deal with.  Rebecca, however, seemed very positive throughout her story and was happy to be making new memories while she was still trying to remember the old ones.  She said in her story that she did need to escape it all because sometimes it became too much, but even after her breaks, she kept up her normal life.  She tried to go back to her old schools and talk to her old friends, which she said was hard because she felt embarrassed to not know people that knew her.


I really enjoyed learning about Rebecca’s family and friends.  She is a University student and the story was eye-opening to me because I am a college student as well, and I am scared to think how upset and frightened i would be to lose my memories at this age.  Rebecca, however, seems strong throughout this, I’m sure in the beginning she was scared and angry, but now we can read about the positive Rebecca on her journey to remember herself.  She believes that one day she will gain her memories back, however, right now she is happy to be alive and still making new memories with her loved ones.


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