Viricide: Playing with Emotions by Liz Moran


This game is created by Eli Piilonen who previously made You’re Find Yourself in a Room. Viricide takes place in the same “universe” as YFYIAR as it is about an AI who breaks the fourth wall to communicate with the player. The AI from the first game even comes in for a portion of the story. The beginning of the game is simple you have to destroy the virus which are represented with circles and squares corrupting the AI named EXADI. This game plays like Asteroid where you the player move and attack all of the enemies in all directions. At first it seems like fun and games with you fixing her caps lock function or her simile creator. In between each level she tells the player which part of her CPU to clear next and the player gains the urge to help her. She is witty, nice, and curious about humanity like why we feel. The story starts to develop halfway through this game she talks about her creator who she refers to as “dad” and how he died before completing her (the game hints this was a result of suicide). The loss of her “father” caused EXADI to go into a deep depression and she reveals she created the virus to get rid of her pain much like antidepressants to humans. After you fix her virus she spirals back into her depression this is evident through her speech and the enemies on the next level. They were all viruses that actively pursued you, attempting to stop you from inadvertently causing EXADI more sadness. In the final level EXADI asks for you to destroy her Emotional Core which would allow her to function, but without her personality; essentially committing suicide like her “father” did. By destroying the thing that makes her close to human gone, but regrettably the player has to destroy the Emotional Core which literally appears as a shattered heart. You are thanked with EXADI saying that she has an error but will continue to function optimally. Like YFYIAR it talks about AI and their emotions they are unable to handle their emotions and cannot comprehend how humans handle it this game focuses on crippling sadness instead of hate.


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